Friday, January 25, 2008

“Live the Unforgettable”

I cut this saying out a magazine last fall. Doesn't it sound fabulous! I have many inspirational quotes (I am a collector, as you have probably noticed) and this one, from an ad, has affected more than any other. I realized that much of my life was unforgettable - absolutely fabulous. Then there were also parts that were unremarkable and it was time to change them. I want all parts of my life to be unforgettable - I want to have and do all that I have set out to do and I just get tingly with excitement when I think about it.

What do you want? What would make your life unforgettable? Let yourself dream about it and imagine it. Let the excitement draw you into the steps needed to turn your dream into reality. Let your life be unforgettable, too!

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