Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 22 and 23: Another Lesson in Surrender

(Continue to follow my home practice as commit to practicing everyday in January for World Yoga Practice Month.)

Yesterday was glorious! Began the day with japa and meditation, did an arm balance practice to Mr. Rogers (other parents of small children will understand!), taught two yoga classes, and then ended the evening with a lovely forward fold and twist practice and Savasana. It is on these days that I have to pinch myself, I am so excited about what I get to do for a living!
Today was a sleep in morning so I didn’t do my morning practice. I also skipped the afternoon asana due to a play date for my children. I taught my advanced class tonight and had a great time! Now I am off to my evening practice.

I have mentioned before that one of my practices for this year is surrender. I found this quote today on my Compassion Club blog, left there by my partner, Marya (breezeatdawn). The quote is from Wayne Dyer:

“I release the need to determine how things “should” be.
If you are suffering in your life right now, I can guarantee that this condition is tied up with some kind of attachment to how things should be going.”

It was just what I needed and perfect for me! I have one area in my life in which I am currently suffering. I have been working on manifesting what I want in that area and then realized that my even bigger manifesting work has been on creating joy in my life, pure joy. My suffering has been because I didn’t think this area is going the way I think it should be. But what if the situation is heading me toward feeling more joy? I want to release expectation, enjoy what is happening, and let everything flow from that energy, not the energy of expectations and attachment, both fear-based thinking. Interestingly, my insight happened in the middle of tonight’s class. I had a burst of energy and felt the “expectation” just flow out of me. Wow! It was fabulous!

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