Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's for Dinner: Skillet Bread

(I get so many questions about what I eat since I am meat-, wheat-, dairy-, soy-, and corn-free. So I began a recipe page at and will be starting a "What's for Dinner" column here in my blog. You can use the widget at the bottom of the column to the left to link to my GroupRecipe page for more recipes.)

  • 1 C Oat flour

  • 1 C Barley flour

  • ½ t salt

  • ¼ rounded t baking soda

  • 2 t baking powder

  • ¾ C rice milk

  • Vegetable oil for frying (I use safflower)

  1. Mix flour together in a bowl. Add salt, baking soda and baking powder and mix well. Add rice milk and mix well.

  2. Begin heating a nonstick skillet over med-low heat with safflower oil.

  3. Now it gets a bit tricky because the dough is so sticky. You may need to add more flour to make it more manageable. It also doesn’t stick well together due to the lack of gluten. Flour a flat surface well and turn the dough out. Cut the dough into two pieces. Shape each into a 6 inch round. Cut like a pizza into 6-8 triangles (depending on the size you want.) Place them in the skillet. Let them brown on one side (about 5 min) and then turn for another 1-2 minutes.

Wheat Free Skillet Bread @ Group Recipes

Day 28 and 30 and 31: I DID IT!!

(I committed to practicing yoga each day in the month of January as part of World Yoga Practice Month. I tracked my progress here in this blog and also at my World Yoga Practice Month Page)

Still feeling under the weather so haven’t been out to blog much. I am proud to say (or perhaps shout) I DID IT!! I practiced every day in the month of January. I have always been quite dedicated to doing something most days, but I can honestly say I would not have done anything the past few days when I was feeling sick if it hadn’t been for woyopracmo.
Even though I have been feeling less than my best, I have still been meditating and sitting on my mat. I was inspired by a fellow yogini, Nona, who brought her mat to the hospital when she had an overnight procedure done! (I especially liked the part about doing a headstand the moment the iv was out – THAT is inspiring!)

For the month of February, we are all setting a goal for ourselves. Mine is to deepen my meditation practice. I will let you know what happens.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beautiful Women

I just received this email from my mother. I have read it a few times in the past and love its message. Enjoy

Below is a wonderful poem Audrey Hepburn wrote
when asked to share her 'beauty tips.'
It was read at her funeral years later.

For attractive lips,
speak words of kindness...
For lovely eyes,
seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure,
share your food
with the hungry.
For beautiful hair,
let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day.
For poise,
walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone...
People, even more than things, have to be restored,
renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed;
never throw out anyone.

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand,
you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands;
one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 28: Not Feeling Well

I am still not feeling well and in a pre-woyopracmo day, I would have skipped a practice all-together, except for my meditation. Not so any longer! I am at least going to do my Savasana (with its focus on surrender) and then off to bed.

Day 26 and 27: Quick Report

I am tired and not feeling well so I am going to make this a quick report. Yesterday I taught in the morning and finished the day with Savasana. Today, not feeling well, I did some restorative work for myself and am off to my Savasana. Good night!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 25: Quiet Day

(I have committed to practicing yoga every day for the month of January for World Yoga Practice Month. You can track my progress on this blog and on the World Yoga Practice Month Site [name: Yoga Laura]. Better yet, join me!)

I slept in again today. Glorious! I just love sleeping in. I used to feel guilty sleeping in because I “should” be working. (Even in college I was in the library by 8 am on Saturday mornings.) No more, my friend! I love to do it, I relish it, and I am grateful I can. I am perfectly okay with missing my morning practice in order to sleep in. I no longer feel the attachment to my practice I used to. My practice is something I truly enjoy and look forward to doing so I know, even if I miss my morning meditation, that I will get to something at some point during the day. I am off to my forward folds and Savasana. Have a lovely evening!

Creamy Tomato Soup - a Family Favorite

  • 1 15-oz can navy or other white bean

  • 2 15-oz can diced tomatoes (can use tomatoes with green chiles but that is too spicy for my family)

  • salt and pepper

  • tortilla strips for the top

  1. Put the beans and tomatoes in a food processor and process until smooth.

  2. Heat the soup to hot, adding salt and pepper to taste.

  3. I fry up strips of tortillas (brown rice ones in our house) and use them as decoration over the top of the soup.

  4. Creamy and delicious!

Creamy Tomato Soup @ Group Recipes

Have you noticed the widget at the bottom of the left hand column in this blog? I have a site at Group where I am going to share our favorite recipes. I will also blog them here. You can link from the widget or the link just above to access my site. From my kitchen to yours. Enjoy!

“Your Edge”

What is your edge in a pose? You know, the place where you feel you cannot go more deeply into the pose? It feels like a wall, doesn’t it? Like you couldn’t possibly go further. Did you know there is no such thing as a “wall” in stretching? We are working with soft tissue here, it can always lengthen. Now, it is true you reach a place in which you can’t go further, for now, but that place is always moving. If you were to hold the spot for a moment longer, breathe into it, see it release, you would then find the “wall” moves. I have begun calling it a “speed bump” instead of a wall because although it may slow us down, it certainly doesn’t need to stop us. The key to transforming your wall to merely a speed bump is to keep your mind in the pose, feel the resistance, breathe into it, see it moving. What often happens, though, is we go into a pose the same way every time. We go to our same place, rest for a moment (often thinking about something else), then we pop out and do the next pose. Of course, this isn’t true with all of our poses. I find it most prevalent in poses you don’t enjoy or ones that you do so frequently you have developed a strong habitual pattern in it. I encourage you to enter poses anew each time.

Think of how many places in your life, off the mat, in which you do the same thing. You assume it will be the same each time, whatever it is. Your job will be just as stressful today as yesterday, your commute will be just as challenging, you will always make the same amount of money, your parents will always be controlling, your children will always be hard to handle in a restaurant. You get the idea. This concept shows up everywhere.

Instead of assuming the same position each time, assume it will be different. Let yourself open to the possibilities. Let your body open to the poses and your mind to your life. Let your life be unforgettable.

“Live the Unforgettable”

I cut this saying out a magazine last fall. Doesn't it sound fabulous! I have many inspirational quotes (I am a collector, as you have probably noticed) and this one, from an ad, has affected more than any other. I realized that much of my life was unforgettable - absolutely fabulous. Then there were also parts that were unremarkable and it was time to change them. I want all parts of my life to be unforgettable - I want to have and do all that I have set out to do and I just get tingly with excitement when I think about it.

What do you want? What would make your life unforgettable? Let yourself dream about it and imagine it. Let the excitement draw you into the steps needed to turn your dream into reality. Let your life be unforgettable, too!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 24: A Quickie

I woke early for my japa and meditation. I skipped my afternoon asana to go to my homeschool playgroup. I am off to forward folds and twists and Savasana. You know, I am with all of you who want to continue this group. I am having such fun. Although I have practiced yoga for years, I do find I am even more committed because of this group. Fabulous!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 22 and 23: Another Lesson in Surrender

(Continue to follow my home practice as commit to practicing everyday in January for World Yoga Practice Month.)

Yesterday was glorious! Began the day with japa and meditation, did an arm balance practice to Mr. Rogers (other parents of small children will understand!), taught two yoga classes, and then ended the evening with a lovely forward fold and twist practice and Savasana. It is on these days that I have to pinch myself, I am so excited about what I get to do for a living!
Today was a sleep in morning so I didn’t do my morning practice. I also skipped the afternoon asana due to a play date for my children. I taught my advanced class tonight and had a great time! Now I am off to my evening practice.

I have mentioned before that one of my practices for this year is surrender. I found this quote today on my Compassion Club blog, left there by my partner, Marya (breezeatdawn). The quote is from Wayne Dyer:

“I release the need to determine how things “should” be.
If you are suffering in your life right now, I can guarantee that this condition is tied up with some kind of attachment to how things should be going.”

It was just what I needed and perfect for me! I have one area in my life in which I am currently suffering. I have been working on manifesting what I want in that area and then realized that my even bigger manifesting work has been on creating joy in my life, pure joy. My suffering has been because I didn’t think this area is going the way I think it should be. But what if the situation is heading me toward feeling more joy? I want to release expectation, enjoy what is happening, and let everything flow from that energy, not the energy of expectations and attachment, both fear-based thinking. Interestingly, my insight happened in the middle of tonight’s class. I had a burst of energy and felt the “expectation” just flow out of me. Wow! It was fabulous!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 20 and 21: Still Going Strong

(Follow my practice for the month of January as I journal what I do for World Yoga Practice Month -- I am YogaLaura if you want to check out my page!)

Yesterday I had a lovely japa and meditation to start my day. My husband got up with the kids (read: he allowed my to sleep in). It was glorious! When I finally woke up, the room was quiet. I just sat up in bed and meditated right then and there.

I then had a long nap in the afternoon instead of my usual asana practice. Might I say, “good choice!” I felt so much better resting. I get so exhausted during my cycle. Wait, scratch that, I want to change my view of my cycle. It is the natural, introspective, quiet time of the month. The fatigue is just my body’s way of telling me I am not yet quiet enough. Apparently I needed some quieting because I had a fabulous nap! I then did some forward folds before bed.

Today I took a class with Matt Sanford, author of Waking. He is an amazing teacher and I very much enjoy taking classes with him. He spoke about nonviolence (seeing how it was MLK Jr. Day) and what was particularly interesting for me, compared nonviolence to surrender. He said if you aren’t surrendering, you are not practicing nonviolence. Very interesting that he brought up both since I am currently studying both in my own life. Surrender is my niyama study for the year and for my program A Year of Living Compassionately, we are studying nonviolence. Matt likes to teach the subtle. Since he is paralyzed from the chest down, that is the level at which he practices yoga and he is powerful. He encouraged us to surrender in Urdhva Prasarita Padasana (Leg Lifts) and encouraged us to view struggle as an act of violence. Very interesting study for me and one I plan to play with in my life off the mat.

Off to my forward folds. Have a lovely night!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 19 – Early Class

I had an early class today so I was up extra early for my Japa and meditation session. I am really getting to love that early morning time when the house is quiet and I can feel the peace of the pre-dawn energy. My house is frequently filled with the sound of squealing children (either from joy or anger) and that, too, is musical in its own way. There is something about the quiet, early morning hours that connect me to God and my innermost self that is truly powerful. Now I am off to forward folds and Savasana before bed. Good night!

Day 18 – Backbends and Surrender

So, one of my new year’s resolutions is to open my back and psoas to Urdhva Dhanurasana and ultimately Dwi Pada Viparita Dhanurasana. My shoulders are ready and I think my upper back is almost ready. My psoas needs some work. It is where I carry my fear and I need to let myself release a bit more control to fully release this muscle. I am also working on surrender this year so I see many cross-overs in my goals. Today I worked on my psoas both physically and emotionally. I spent some time releasing the muscles in my practice and working in Urdhva Dhanurasana. I also spent the day letting go and flowing with what came up. You know, it is interesting having children. I think it was small children that helped me grasp the concept of the illusion of outer control. I giggle now when I hear a reference to “controlling your children.” There is no control with children. They have their own mind and will and what I hope for is being so in-sinc with them that I can guide them to living from their heart and making beautiful choices. I find I do that best when I can fully let go of my agenda and be present with them completely. Today was one of those days. Although there were things I wanted to do (in the house and on the mat), I didn’t feel tied to anything. I felt like I was on vacation, feeling that light and careless vacation feeling. When a child came to me needing something, I was able to effortless set aside what I was doing and be fully present with the child. When I am fully present, whatever the issue is is always resolved quickly and effortlessly. I am frequently amazed at how much easier a day goes when I am fully present with my little ones. Ironically, I got more done than I had originally hoped to get done!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 17 – Same ol’ Same ol’

I was up bright and early for my Japa session and meditation. Then I spent the morning with clients in my life coaching business and doing writing for a new internet-based yoga company I am starting. So much fun! I spent the afternoon at my homeschooling playgroup. Now I am off to spend the evening with my husband, chatting and doing my forward fold practice and Savasanaaaaahhhh….

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 16: That’s My Yoga Girl!

Today I did lots of yoga and ahhhh….does it feel great! These are the days in which I remember exactly why I do what I do and feel the deep gratitude for 5000 years of wisdom. I woke early to a japa and meditation session. Then I taught a private yoga session. I have a great story to share from today.

This afternoon I did a workout video with my daughter. I love to do all kinds of exercise and I want to get my children excited about it, too. My daughter loves to “dance” with exercise videos so dance we do! Today we did the strengthening section of the video. When it was over, we were ready for more. On this video there is an aerobic portion and a yoga portion. I just assumed she would want to do the “dancing” so I suggested we do that section. She hesitated and then just agreed. My girl really likes to please others so sometimes I have a hard time finding out what she really wants and not what she thinks I want. I wanted to do what she wanted to do and I also wanted to help her voice what she wanted to do. I had her close her eyes and tell me what her tummy said when I said, “dance” and “yoga”. She opened her eyes with a big smile and said, “It wants yoga!” I laughed and said, “that’s my yoga girl!” So yoga we did…

I am off to my evening forward folds and Savaaaaasana.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 15: Not Much New…

I didn’t sleep well last night – extremely unusual for me. (I use to say I slept like a baby. Then I had one – they don’t sleep that well!) So I slept a bit later and skipped my morning practice. I taught a couple of classes tonight so I did quite a bit of yoga. I am off to do my evening of forward folds and then Savasana. Good night!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 13 and 14: Surrender…Surrender…Surrender…

I was feeling burned out on the computer yesterday so I decided not to do anything on it for the evening (usually when I post). Then, I decided I would at least do my woyopracmo post because, well, I should do it, and wouldn’t you know! It was the same moment the site was down for upkeep. The Universe was out to help me release my control. I bet everyone survived without my post as well.

So, yesterday I taught a class for teachers. I do it once a month and it is such fun! We work on poses as teachers and break them down in ways I don’t do in regular asana classes. I also got up extra early to do my own japa and meditation practice beforehand. Before bed I did my forward folds and Savasana.

Today I slept in and it was glorious! Being the last one up I chose to forgo my morning practice. I taught today and will be doing my evening forward folds and Savasana. Sorry so short and sweet. Must go do yoga…

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 12: Celebration Craze

(I am tracking my yoga practice for the month of january for World Yoga Practice Month. You can read each day about what I did that day!)

I was up super early again today. I had an 8:30 class and I was up at 6 am to fit in my japa and meditation and boy am I glad I did! When I got home this afternoon, I had an experience of comic relief (something that other parents will appreciate especially.) First of all, I was deeply exhausted. You know the kind of fatigue, the-I’ve-really-had-enough–and-I-just-need-a-bath-and-12-hours-of-sleep kind. Only your kids need you and have been waiting by the door for you to come home to spend the rest of the day with you and your husband is already out the door to take a break, uh, I mean errands, before you have your shoes off.

I knew that when I came home my job was to make brownies for a family celebration. I have an extremely easy brownie recipe so I didn’t think much of it even in my fatigue. It would be an easy 20-minute job. Only my son was melting down because he was hungry so the first 60 minutes of my time at home was spent coaxing him to eat. Then I realized that I didn’t have the chocolate I needed for the recipe so I called my “errand running” husband (who was eating at Big Bowl when I reached him! ☺ ) to buy some and bring it home. Once I got the brownies in the oven, we began the frosting. (Yep, I forgot this part. Brownies are a treat but frosting makes it a celebration!) I made the frosting and then discovered that the celebratory boy wanted “rainbow” color. Since I homeschool, I am always looking for a way to sneak in a lesson so I agreed that we could make several different colors of frosting, mixing different combinations of food coloring. Out came four bowls, the craft table cloth (have you ever tried to get food coloring out of a wooden table?) and we mixed different food colors together into the bowls. Then he decided he wanted to make “cookies” out of the brownies and frost them individually. First I tried a drinking glass to “cut” them out only to find the brownies are stuck in there once cut (and it makes a very big mess!). The only thing I could think of to use was the cookie cutter my children use for the play dough. I did wash it quite well and I make my play dough from scratch so it is edible, I still found I didn’t want to share this part with my husband! We finally got the brownies cut out and frosted. I then turned to review the result in my kitchen. You guessed it, chaos. I took a deep breath and plunged in. I pulled out a pyrex container to store the leftovers only to find it was too heavy. It came down on the plate of brownies (squishing them) that were in my other hand then they both landed in a bowl of frosting which promptly broke splattering colored frosting everywhere! I cleaned the kitchen for 15 minutes before I even got to the broken bowl! Once the kitchen was cleaned, I realized it was time to start dinner. If I thought I was tired before…

I am off to forward folds and a lovely Savasana…although I must admit, I am not even going to try to stay awake for this one!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Day Eleven: Surrender

Let me begin by saying I have chosen this year to study the niyama, Ishvara Pranidhana (surrender) in my life. Control is a big one for me and can leave me inflexible, impatient, and certainly not in the flow of what life has planned for me. I have studied surrender often in my life and have let go of much of my control. There is still a bit left and I am ready to leave that bit behind! So, with that introduction, let me tell you about today.

Ironically I had already named this evening’s post “Ramping Up Again” because I had every intention (and plenty of time) to do a lengthy asana practice. I did start the day meditating before I got out of bed (my favorite time) and then planned to do a breathing practice. My family got up with me so instead, I chose to have a lovely morning together with them. It felt so wonderful to fully let go of my plan to be fully with them.

Then, this afternoon, I was running in the house with my kids and backed into the couch leg. I twisted my ankle a bit. It certainly wasn’t serious, at least I didn’t think it was, although I did hear a slight pop and I could see some bruising. So, I sat on the couch and put some ice on it. My son snuggled in next to me and told me it was his job to, “Help mommy feel better.” It was so sweet! He has been wanting to learn about giraffes lately so we popped the tape in of a giraffe special from PBS and snuggled in to watch. When my practice time came up, I chose to stay with him. I knew he needed it (I have been working a lot lately and will be gone much of this weekend – on yoga business, of course!) and I certainly needed it, too! What I am particularly proud of is not only choosing to stay with him but also not feeling an ounce of judgment for not doing my asana practice I had planned. Because there was no judgment, I felt perfectly present with him the entire time. What a gift for both of us!

I am off to do some forward folds and twists and then, of course, my Savasana, before bed. Happy surrender to all of you!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Defining a Yoga Practice

I am a huge supporter of defining yoga as so much more than the physical practice. I also firmly believe that you do not need 90 contiguous minutes of uninterrupted practice to consider yourself a “practicing yogi” (Thank goodness because otherwise I could count on one hand the number of “real” practices I have had since my children were born!) In fact, that is one reason I love yoga so much. It is a way of living, a philosophy, a spiritual path, it is so much more than exercise for the body. Truly I find I am practicing yoga almost all of the time -- a fact I hadn’t realized until a student asked me. She was curious if I had yoga on my mind all the time. I laughed, thinking, “of course not!” Then, only a moment later, I realized that I really do. I might be thinking about a piece of the physical practice, thinking about a pose I am going to teach or write about. I am just as likely to be considering the meaning of a Yoga Sutra in my life or thinking about whether I am breathing or wondering about ahimsa (nonviolence.) So, if you have narrowly defined your yoga practice, loosen up! A practice can be one pose, Tadasana in the shower, a twist in the car, savasana before bed. It could also be learning more about nonviolence. Learn more about what this fabulous art has to offer and expand your definition.

Day Ten: Physical Fatigue

(I am participating in a program called World Yoga Practice Month. I have committed to doing a practice each day in the month of January. Continue following my practice here on my blog.)

I was up early for a client today (I do life coaching) and once again was able to get up a bit earlier to fit in my Japa and meditation session. As I mentioned in my last post, my biggest “work” days are Tuesday night through Thursday afternoon so I always feel a bit spent by now. (I must use quote when I say “work” since it I feel a bit silly calling what I do work.) After two days of many classes, Thursday is usually my physical asana break, although I may do a few forward folds this evening and definitely a Savasana before bed.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Day Nine: Early Wake-up

Not only did I make my private session, I got up even earlier to start my day with a Japa and mediation session. I then taught a four-hour private, came home to spend time with my children and then taught again this evening. I am quite tired. The bulk of my “work” week is from Tuesday night to Thursday afternoon. Since I do late evenings and early mornings, I find by Wednesday night I am plum tuckered out so forgive the brief post. I am off to do a long Savasana and then sleep.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day Eight: Still Going Strong

I started the day with a breathing session. My son got up with me and I was so grateful he was willing to watch the photos on the computer screen while I listened to my breathing exercises. I taught two classes tonight and I am going to do a looooonnnnnggggg Savasana before bed. I have a really early private session tomorrow (8:00!)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Day Seven: A Day of Yoga

I had a really early private session today (okay, it was at 8:30, that is really early for me! I used to teach aerobics regularly at 6:15 am. I think I am getting a bit soft! ☺) And I got up that early so I could start my day with Japa and meditation. Ahhh…nothing sets the tone for the day like a bit of quiet. Then I taught a private and another class. I did twists in both. It felt so good on Sunday, I wanted to share what had come up for me. Tonight I am going to do some forward folds and a long Savasana before bed…yummy!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January Practice

As part of World Yoga Practice Month (, I have committed to practicing and blogging each day in the month of January. I think I will do it in a single blog and just keep editing it so look for this post for my latest practice.

Day Six: Finally, A True Practice

I did it! I actually got on my mat for a total of 60 glorious, uninterrupted minutes! My daughter and husband were taking a nap (both are still feeling under the weather) and my son did puzzles quietly next to my side. I finally got to my twists and I got the zing up my spine! (Thanks Lilalia! ☺) I also woke an hour before my family and fit in a breathing session, some Japa and a meditation. Now I am off to another Savasana and another meditation before bed. I did so much yoga today, I was thinking about how I used to do three-hours every Sunday morning, BK (before kids. Actually, before husband, too.). I was actually thinking about how all of you parents fit in yoga with your family. I would love to hear from you!

Day Five: A Day in Heaven

I just had one of the best days of my life. I woke early, again before the sun, (only this time it was really early – 6 am) to do my Japa and meditation before getting ready for class. I taught then spent the afternoon with my family. Then I spent an absolutely unforgettable evening with the most amazing women. They are a group of students of mine whom I took through an advanced yoga teacher training. We had such a great time in the two-year program we decided to stay together to start a company. We will be beginning with a daily eNewsletter and then moving into many wonderful things. I will keep you posted on this blog. Now I am going to close to do some seated poses and Savasana. Sleep well!

Day Four: Getting Back on Track
Kids are gratefully feeling better, although they were unexplainably grumpy today. I was able to do my breathing practice this morning relatively undisturbed but was unable to get to my twists practice this afternoon. Luckily I remained unattached to it and surrendered to the "higher" plan my children had for me! I am off to a seated forward fold and twists practice and then japa and meditation practice.

Day Three: Everyone felt a bit better today -- after a very rough night (read: "Mom is exhausted!" My husband commented, "Isn't it great they slept so well." After noticing my look, he added, "Or, perhaps, I slept through some parts!") Anyway, I did keep falling back to sleep because after I posted last night I was also able to do 10 minutes of Japa (chanting of a sacred name) and 10 more minutes of meditation and then Savasana. When I go to sleep in a relaxed state, I find I can fall back to sleep when awakened much more quickly. Today I plan the same thing when I sign off. If all goes according to plan (are you laughing yet?) tomorrow I am going to do a long twisting practice!

Day Two: I had an interesting night and day with two very sick kids. I was up for two hours in the middle of night with a feverish child and then held a vomiting one for the afternoon. Did I mention I was studying Ishvara Pranidhana (Surrender) for the year? Ask and the Universe provides... I practice breathing deeply and being perfectly present with my very sweet, very sick little ones. When they felt better for a bit in the morning I was delighted my daughter suggested the Yoga Garden Game. Not only could I sit in Upavistha Konasana pose while we played, I was able to throw in a downdog and tree pose as well! I am off to do a Savasana before falling into a restful sleep (between my two, still feverish, little ones!)

Day One: I was up before the sun (not hard to do this time of year -- but doesn't it sound self-sacrificing! :-) ) and did a breathing session and Savasana. Zack was up with me and did a craft project as I breathed. (He interrupted three times to get me to rip tape off the dispenser for him. He was so cute -- he came up and gently whispered in my ear to ask if I was available for a favor.) Then I taught a two-hour workshop on Yoga and Manifesting: Bringing Your Yoga Practice to the Mat. (Fabulous, by the way! I will blog about it later.) When came home, I did a practice for myself focusing on releasing my psoas for Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward Facing Bow Pose.)