Monday, October 30, 2006

Ayurvedic Water Flush

Drinking water. I know you all already know about the importance of it. I began an ayurvedic technique with drinking water around 10 years ago and love it. Right when you get up in the morning, drink a lot of water. I originally read 64 ounces. I have never been up that high. I used to do 32 ounces and now I do around 16 ounces. It rehydrates you after the night and gives you a quick detox (you will need to visit the bathroom several times over the next couple of hours.) Be sure to do it about an hour before you eat, though, so you don't dilute your digestive fluids. Also be sure you have no health concerns that could make this practice unsafe for you. Occasionally I miss a day and I can feel the effects all day even though I am still drinking my usual water throught the day.


I have a few students who are my "perennial" beginners or intermediate students. Many have been in the same level for years. Some occasionally ask if they "should" move up to a higher level. My response is always the same, "Do you enjoy where you are? Is it still serving you?" Sometimes the answer is a resounding yes, sometimes it makes them think (which usually means no).

If someone is staying because it is just what they want, the class level fits who they are and feeds them, wonderful. I have read many yoga books and studied yogic philosophy and I am quite sure I have come across nothing that says, “Thou shalt not stay at one level class for too long.” Yoga is suppose to nurture who you are, gently pushing you to do more with your life. Many people need their class because it is the one calm in their life, the one sure thing. Knowing that can certainly be supportive.

But others remain at the same level out of a fear of the next step and fear of not being ready. When it is that for someone, I gently suggest they try the next level once -- the door is always open to come back to their comfortable level.

Isn't that true in life? Sometimes we remain where we are because we feel supportive and enjoy not being pushed to grow. In which case, it may be supporting growth in other areas. Other times we are stuck out of fear. Think about your own life. What is true for you? Sometimes there is a gentle way to “sample” the next level so it isn’t so scary. Other times it is a true leap of faith.