Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January Practice

As part of World Yoga Practice Month (woyopracmo.com), I have committed to practicing and blogging each day in the month of January. I think I will do it in a single blog and just keep editing it so look for this post for my latest practice.

Day Six: Finally, A True Practice

I did it! I actually got on my mat for a total of 60 glorious, uninterrupted minutes! My daughter and husband were taking a nap (both are still feeling under the weather) and my son did puzzles quietly next to my side. I finally got to my twists and I got the zing up my spine! (Thanks Lilalia! ☺) I also woke an hour before my family and fit in a breathing session, some Japa and a meditation. Now I am off to another Savasana and another meditation before bed. I did so much yoga today, I was thinking about how I used to do three-hours every Sunday morning, BK (before kids. Actually, before husband, too.). I was actually thinking about how all of you parents fit in yoga with your family. I would love to hear from you!

Day Five: A Day in Heaven

I just had one of the best days of my life. I woke early, again before the sun, (only this time it was really early – 6 am) to do my Japa and meditation before getting ready for class. I taught then spent the afternoon with my family. Then I spent an absolutely unforgettable evening with the most amazing women. They are a group of students of mine whom I took through an advanced yoga teacher training. We had such a great time in the two-year program we decided to stay together to start a company. We will be beginning with a daily eNewsletter and then moving into many wonderful things. I will keep you posted on this blog. Now I am going to close to do some seated poses and Savasana. Sleep well!

Day Four: Getting Back on Track
Kids are gratefully feeling better, although they were unexplainably grumpy today. I was able to do my breathing practice this morning relatively undisturbed but was unable to get to my twists practice this afternoon. Luckily I remained unattached to it and surrendered to the "higher" plan my children had for me! I am off to a seated forward fold and twists practice and then japa and meditation practice.

Day Three: Everyone felt a bit better today -- after a very rough night (read: "Mom is exhausted!" My husband commented, "Isn't it great they slept so well." After noticing my look, he added, "Or, perhaps, I slept through some parts!") Anyway, I did keep falling back to sleep because after I posted last night I was also able to do 10 minutes of Japa (chanting of a sacred name) and 10 more minutes of meditation and then Savasana. When I go to sleep in a relaxed state, I find I can fall back to sleep when awakened much more quickly. Today I plan the same thing when I sign off. If all goes according to plan (are you laughing yet?) tomorrow I am going to do a long twisting practice!

Day Two: I had an interesting night and day with two very sick kids. I was up for two hours in the middle of night with a feverish child and then held a vomiting one for the afternoon. Did I mention I was studying Ishvara Pranidhana (Surrender) for the year? Ask and the Universe provides... I practice breathing deeply and being perfectly present with my very sweet, very sick little ones. When they felt better for a bit in the morning I was delighted my daughter suggested the Yoga Garden Game. Not only could I sit in Upavistha Konasana pose while we played, I was able to throw in a downdog and tree pose as well! I am off to do a Savasana before falling into a restful sleep (between my two, still feverish, little ones!)

Day One: I was up before the sun (not hard to do this time of year -- but doesn't it sound self-sacrificing! :-) ) and did a breathing session and Savasana. Zack was up with me and did a craft project as I breathed. (He interrupted three times to get me to rip tape off the dispenser for him. He was so cute -- he came up and gently whispered in my ear to ask if I was available for a favor.) Then I taught a two-hour workshop on Yoga and Manifesting: Bringing Your Yoga Practice to the Mat. (Fabulous, by the way! I will blog about it later.) When came home, I did a practice for myself focusing on releasing my psoas for Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward Facing Bow Pose.)

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