Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 25: Quiet Day

(I have committed to practicing yoga every day for the month of January for World Yoga Practice Month. You can track my progress on this blog and on the World Yoga Practice Month Site [name: Yoga Laura]. Better yet, join me!)

I slept in again today. Glorious! I just love sleeping in. I used to feel guilty sleeping in because I “should” be working. (Even in college I was in the library by 8 am on Saturday mornings.) No more, my friend! I love to do it, I relish it, and I am grateful I can. I am perfectly okay with missing my morning practice in order to sleep in. I no longer feel the attachment to my practice I used to. My practice is something I truly enjoy and look forward to doing so I know, even if I miss my morning meditation, that I will get to something at some point during the day. I am off to my forward folds and Savasana. Have a lovely evening!

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