Monday, November 10, 2008

The Month of Giving

We have entered my favorite month of the year. Really. I love this month. I love that we have a holiday that is nondenominational AND all about gratitude. I love that the holidays are around the corner because I still feel the sense of excitement and anticipation of the season. I love that the new year is around the corner. I also love that it is the month to work on my Spiritual Practice in my program called Awaken to Joy. It is just fabulous! All of it.

So, I found a fabulous online community to enjoy my month on. It is called 29-Day Give. They challenge you to track 29-Days of giving. What a fabulous thing to celebrate! Join me. You can find me there -- Yoga Laura. Be sure to make me a friend!

View my page on 29-Day Giving Challenge

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