Sunday, April 13, 2008

Inspirational Quote

“Ultimately, whether we achieve the final posture or not is insignificant. Those who do not believe this may be quite disillusioned to discover that nothing particularly remarkable or even pleasant happens when you finally put your feet on the back of your head. If our practice has been driven by hopes of radiant delight in that final moment, we may find ourselves asking, ‘Is this all there is?’ when we achieve our so-called goal. The delight, the remarkable moment, was happening all along, but we were too busy getting somewhere to notice.” (Donna Farhi)

How many of you needed to hear that one today? Another great quote comes from Ramanand Patel, one of my favorite teachers. In a particularly challenging class when we were working up to a pose that makes you wish you had no ligaments, he wryly commented, "I have been in the final pose. There is nothing there. There is no hurry." We often need reminders of these thoughts. Yoga is not about the final pose. Frankly, it isn't about getting stronger or more flexible either. Yoga is about growing, evolving, learning more about yourself and ultimately growing in consciousness by taking your body where it hasn't been before.

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Very good quotes! Thank you!