Monday, November 20, 2006

Savasana Before Bed

I do Savasana before bed most nights. (I only miss if I happen to fall asleep with my children.)

I find that doing Savasana greatly enhances the effectiveness of my sleep. I sleep more soundly and fall back to sleep more easily if I am awaken
(which can be several times each night with children.) Savasana is one of the best methods for calming our nervous system – the part of our anatomy that is responsible for the stress response. When our nervous system is calmer, our mind doesn’t work over time and can rest at night.

Another idea is to do your meditation at night. Meditation also calms your mind and can improve your thoughts before bed from worrisome thoughts to more spiritual ones. When I have lots of time, sometimes I do both Savasana and Mediation -- what a gift!