Monday, September 25, 2006

Health Practice: Body Scrubbing

I have had a request to begin sharing some of my own practice, ideas and techniques, around health and wellness. (Please know that just because I do it, doesn’t make it the perfect practice for you.)

This month I want to tell you about body scrubbing. Your skin is one of the most important detoxing organs in your body. Much of your toxins go out through your skin. Invigorating and exfoliating your skin through body scrubbing can aid this process. I had always done it in conjunction with a detox or cleansing process I used to do regularly. (Detoxing is not appropriate when you are pregnant or nursing, something I have been or doing for over 6 years now.) I have begun doing it now as part of my daily practice and it is wonderful! Not only does it keep the skin refreshed, it helps the lymphatic system as well.

I have read many ways to do it. I will describe here the method I have chosen. You can use a body scrubby, a washcloth, a loofah, or a natural-bristled brush. I use a loofah although I think I would prefer to have a brush. I chose the loofah because it felt safer to have around the house with children.

Do a dry scrub before your shower. Be in the shower or bath so you can rinse any dry skin that flakes off down the drain. Begin with your feet and rub up toward your heart. Scrub and rub vigorously. You are suppose to scrub until your skin turns pink. (I will say that my skin didn’t turn pink for several weeks and it is still only a mottled pink. I have more detoxing to go!) Before I began to turn pink, I judged my stopping point my when I was beginning to get sore. Then move to your calves and thighs. Make long sweeping motions, again, up to your heart. Then do your hands and arms, sweeping up. Do your face, but be gentle, neck and chest (avoid the breasts and other tender areas). Stroke down on your stomach. Now do your back and buttocks. (Here is where a long-handled brush comes in handy.)

It is incredibly invigorating for your skin. It feels refreshing like brushing your teeth in the morning or washing your face at night. Just try it for a few weeks and let me know what you think.